Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trending Denim Styles For Spring and Summer 2015

Denim Fashion Styles 2015

No more skinny jeans? 
Oh.. we're still wearing them but will be seeing them less.. it will be more the comfy boyfriend jeans, some with a nice feminine touch! The overall and denim jumpsuit is very trending now too as is the denim skirt which actually is a classic, right! We're seeing the trend of patched jeans, high rise waists like in the 80's and 90', often called mom's jeans , still the ripped jeans too.. but even more ripped and the wide leg jean, so vintage 70;s, I love! Another thing I noticed is denim on denim and all different colors even! Interesting!

The Boyfriend Jeans

Relaxed boyfriends fits! So comfy to wear! Wear with sneakers as well as heels. Wearable in every season!

Trending Fashion 2015 - Denim - The  Boyfriend Jeans
Denim - The Brush Up Boyfriend
Trending Fashion 2015 - The Pearl Boss Boyfriend
The Pearl Boss Boyfriend
Love the pearls! Nice feminine touch!
Pearls for a feminine touch!
Pearls for a feminine touch!

Overall - Jumpsuit

Cool, laid-back and super-flattering thanks to its slightly dropped waist and cropped cut.

Trending Fashion 2015 - Bailey Work Suit
Bailey Work Suit

The mom's jean

Vintage rise waist or raised bells, that were very popular  in the 80's - 90's.
Wear with T-shirt or blouse and tuck it in a bit.

Trending Fashion 2015 - Denim - Raise Bell
Denim - Raise Bell 

Patched Jeans

Lovely new detailing, buy them ready made or DIY your old jeans! 
Denim or leather patches.

Trending Fashion 2015 - Patched Jeans
Patched Jeans
Trending Fashion 2015 - Leather-patched boyfriend jeans
Leather-patched boyfriend jeans

The Ripped Jeans

We're been seeing the ripped jeans for a while now, such a popular trend! 
Now the rips are even bigger!
 Looks nice with some temporary tattoos that peep through the holes!

Fashion trend - ripped jeans! Oh Yes we've been seeing them for a long while now but the newer version has even larger rips! Nice to wear with temp. tattoos!.
Ripped Jeans

White Jeans

Think this is my favorite of them all, most probably because it is more
 Spring and Summer like and I am so happy Winter is over!

Trendin g Fashion 2015 - Patched White Jeans
Patched White Jeans

Quote I like

There are people who have money and people who are rich. #quote #chanel

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Trending - Marble in Interior and Fashion

Marble Trend in Fashion and Interior

Marble has made a comeback in interior design and is found in Fashion too.

Marble trend in Fashion and Interior - 2015


Perfect in a minimalism design, combined with for example copper.wood, grays, ....
White marble can make a room appear more open and fresh but you when overly used it will give a cold impression. Be careful! Less is more!

Marble counter, wood, copper and whites - Interior Trend
Marble counter, wood, copper and whites
Marble, copper and gray - Interior Trend
Marble, copper and gray
Marble counter, pink and copper accents - Interior Trend
Marble counter, pink and copper accents
Herringbone marble floor
Herringbone marble floor
White walls, kitchen island, wood paneling, marble
White walls, kitchen island, wood paneling, marble
Marble, wood and copper
Marble, wood and copper

Cleaning tip
- Wipe marble with a damp cloth. 
- Use a natural, light soap or marble cleaner for deeper cleaning. 
- Never use vinegar on marble. Vinegar is a good natural cleaning agent for many surfaces, but because it is acidic, it can cause marble to corrode.
More tips here


Fashion Trend - Marble shades
Marble shades
Fashion Trend - Marble Visor
Marble Visor
Fashion Trend - Marbles Scuba Leggings
Marbles Scuba Leggings 
Marbleized Bangle
Marbleized Bangle
Marble effect nail art by The Nailasaurus
Marble effect nail art by The Nailasaurus
...write kindness in marble, write injuries in dust #quote
Marble quote

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