And we're back....

Oh my, the last months have flown by can't believe the holidays are almost here....moving to our new place has kept us very busy as well as enjoying the beach that we love so much., well we're getting into winter so now it is long walk on the beach, no more sunbathing and swimming... ah I already miss it...

Here the spectacular view from our balcony, being so close to the sea makes me smile.. always...

The sunrises, the sunsets, the fisher-boats, all the different colors we get to see... life is good!

We're not all done decorating this new place though, is why I collect so many pins on Pinterest, that site is just so wonderful... all the inspiration, I LOVE it...

Take a look at all the nice pieces of furniture I found, here are my favorites ;-)

Loving this pretty chair, simple with perfect detail!

This one in my hall way?

These would be so great in my son's room!

.. and then of course, meantime, we try to never forget about ourselves looking good as well as it simply makes us feel better, I know it does me!... so let me share a few of my favorite stylish wearable's and accessories ....

This pretty Cardigan by Kontatto Megan that I found on Beyond the Rack is just perfect to me, stylish, pretty, and comfy! And the price is good too!!

I adore these boots, love the sweet flowery detail! Tooo cute! Found those on Beyond the Rack too... It's an amazing site, lots of top brands on incredible prices!!

.. and what about this one! WOW.. I love genuine leather bags and it seems to me that they are hard to find anymore unless you go for the big names which then become unaffordable and we mostly just dream of owning one...unless we get lucky and find one at amazing reduced prices on a site like Beyond the Rack (Haha, I know I keep mentioning that one but really the deals are great!) however, I found this one at the Uncovet site another of my favorite sites to check out! Well this beautiful bag, I know it's one I would and most probably will carry around for years to come and never get tired of it... what's more, I think that real leather looks even better with time when it gets a bit worn, don't you think?

Oh and I just recently discovered this site where I liked almost everything! It's called Intimint, my absolute fave on there is this beautiful bra, not only pretty but it's is going to be perfect with the open back dresses and tops that I like to wear from time to time and most probably will be wearing one for the holidays!

Then this, well I love to be trendy and I know studs are in and I love them but don't think I can wear just about anything anymore. My daughter loves them and is so into them but as for myself I prefer to keep it a bit more like... well this one is just perfect..

Found on Shoedazzle, yes mostly shoes on there but a nice collection of jewelry too!

oh I could go on and on...
Will be posting more soon and my daughter will post her faves too... I wander and I find, she does too and often we do together.... many times we find things that we then both wear , ok, I'll be honest LOL.. I am not always the happiest about that as she is more nonchalant than I am, if you know what I mean: ;-)

Time to go wander around some more...

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