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Friday, May 18, 2012
Trompe L'oeil or deceiving the eye. (an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that depicted objects appear in three dimension)

Hi from sunny Turkey, I am having a lovely day here..  Skyped with a friend that I hadn't seen for around 30 years or so... it was awesome how it felt like it hadn't been all that long at all...  of course we had so much to talk about... she hasn't changed much... hoping to see her sometime soon, either when I get to Belgium or her to Turkey... after talking to her I talked to another longtime friend... after a while he needed to go.. said he was painting some walls and was even thinking of doing a Trompe L'oeil, something he has never done and therefor was looking for inspiration online.. I thought that cool and started to surf around myself... loving it... not sure if I would ever be able to do a nice one... but who knows one day I might just try...

Here some lovely ones I found
Celebration Florida Mural by Art Effects

By Julian Beever, who is well known for his awesome 3D pavement art.

By Mostafa Fawzi

 Orange Tree by Chris Westall

See here how he created his Orange Tree Mural

I'll be adding more on my Pinterest Board soon

...and now the beach is calling, have a lovely day.

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