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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello from Mersin, Turkey... where the sun is shinning, so all is good...


Now that it's all sun-shining weather here again, you'll find me often at the beach, my best friend really! Being at the beach always makes me feel happy, whatever is going on in my life, so I am going for long walks, or just sit on a rock and stare into the sea and listen to the perfect sound of the waves.. it all clears my mind and lightens the sometimes burdens of life. I also love to collect beach treasures; rocks, driftwood, shells, seaglass.....
I've been pinning so much to my Seaside board on Pinterest.. oh the possibilities with it all... in this post you will find some seaglass inspiration...

This is what my daughter and I found on the beach here yesterday.. mostly green, loving it but would love to find blue ones too one day...

Seaglass found at the beach in Mersin, Turkey

Seaglass found at the beach in Mersin, Turkey

Here some lovely seaglass projects and ideas

Seaglass Mobil

Seaglass wreath

Seaglass framed heart
Seaglass bathroom border
Seaglass seahorse
Seaglass locket
Seaglass Necklace
Seaglass monogram
Seaglass candle holder
Find even more in inspiration here and feel free to post links to your seaglass projects here in comments.
(source of the project photos can be found on my board)


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