Trend... Glowing Neon

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Trend... Glowing Neon!  Stand out in the crowd with  these hot hues!
We've seen these colors showing up everywhere, sure is nice to brighten up your basics.
Combine with white, tan or black.. or if you're really daring mix them all up!

Elisabeth and James

Dani heels by jcrew

American Apparel
Ann Taylor Necklace
Courr├Ęges Neon Yellow Plexiglass Cuff
Courr├Ęges Fluorescent Red Vinyl Jacket
Neon door
Neon Wedding
Neon Bridesmates
Find more Glowing Neon inspiration on my Pinboard.
Glowing Neon Pinterest Board By Pascale De Groof

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