I might get lucky!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I might get lucky!

I did it, red underwear for good luck! LOL
It's a tradition here in Turkey and I thought, hey, it can't hurt, so why not!

Haha.. we'll see! What is good luck anyway!?
I am never really sure of that. Something you never expected to happen, happens? Or is it just as with the law of attraction, like attracts like? Having positive thoughts that bring positive results? What are your thoughts about luck? I am curious to know!

Here a two quotes I like on the subject.

Smile and be happy with what you have!

This year no real celebrations for me this New Year's eve, a walk on the beach with my daughter Selin at midnight and I felt the luckiest person ever! A few silly pictures to remember the event LOL

Selin and I
Oh and then waking up to this... you feel lucky again!

First sunrise of the new year.

May you all get lucky, but above all, may you all be happy!



Shabana said...

Love it!! Happy New Year!

Pascale De Groof said...

:-) Happy New Year to you too gorgeous!!! ~