Spring 2013 - Tender Shoots

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spring 2013 - Color Tender Shoots

Hello, I've been looking around for the tender shoot color and this is what I found. Another lovely color, a vibrant yellowish green. Cheerful to me!
I am in love with that beautiful ring!!

Bracelet: Kate Spade
Necklace: Kate Spade
Dress: Modcloth


The vivid green of the peridot, with just a slight hint of gold, is the ideal gemstone color  to go with the Tender Shoot s color trend.

Peridot is the birthstone for August.

It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. 
       Cadenza Peridot Ring

         Ida August Birthstone Earrings

                  14K White Gold Genuine Peridot And Diamond Earrings



Anonymous said...

Thank you! Green is my favorite color, and I'm so glad it's this year's trend! I can wear all green jewelry and never be out of style!

Elida Ruelas

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! Pantone colors are all so fabulous and Tender Shoots is a prime example! We love it so much that we made it our color of the week and put together a fabulous outfit on our blog to show how to dress wearing Pantone's Tender Shoots using a triadic color palette. You can take a look at it here www.weartostandout.com/blog/pantone-tender-shoots and tell us what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut