Spring 2013 Trend - Black & White

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Black and White Trend 2013

Black & white is mostly among any new collection anytime of the year, every year, a classic, this year though, you'll find lots of lovely prints  in many different styles .
Strips, flowers, color blocks, I noticed some lovely bird prints here and there too.

Below here you find a few of my finds on LYST. If you're into fashion like me and never checked out that site,  I recommend you to do so... it's a fun way to keep up with what all is trending, they even notify you when something you did save to your lyst is on sale! How neat is that! If you do have a lyst please post your link in the comment section below this post so I can take a look!

My Black and White Collection on Lyst



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Pascale De Groof said...

Thank you Brian, nice to hear that you like my blog posts. I wish there were more hours in a day for sure ;-)