View From My Balcony - Romance In The Sky

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

View From My Balcony - Romance In The Sky

As I was sitting in my little office here at home, working on a new post yesterday, I heard the rumbling or whatever it is called, of a motor! That surprised me as I am facing the sea and the road is way behind me, I looked up and saw this guy flying by my window with his powered parachute. Quickly grabbed my little camera and went to my balcony. He was touring around and my daughter and I noticed him dropping things somewhere. We later found out that it were roses! Then when he flew just right in front of us we could read what is written on the parachute (in Turkish).

Seninle bir ömür yetmez!
Birlikte nice mutlu senelere!

A lifetime with you is not enough!
Happy Anniversary!
(to more happy years together)

So romantic!

I don't know if it was the husband doing this or if he had hired someone to fly around them as his wife and him were sitting in the garden near the sea. Whatever it was.. I loved it!
Always love my balcony view and yes, romantic stuff too!

Have a lovely day,

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