The Beach, New Puppy And Going Gluten Free

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Beach Is My Happy Place

Waking up to this beautiful sunrise, who wouldn't smile!

This really makes me happy, time after time.

I hope you all had wonderful Holidays and wish you the best for 2014!

Sunrise Mersin Turkey
Davultepe, Mersin Turkey by Pascale De Groof

Sunrise Mersin Turkey
Davultepe, Mersin Turkey by Pascale De Groof

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New Years Resolutions! Did you make any?

It sure is something many of us do and I have tried it, believe me but it never seems to work. So no, this year none for me, or maybe that isn't entirely true! Well I rather call it plans. I am planning on a healthier living, going gluten free. Seriously. I even set up a Gluten Free Pinterest board. So that's one plan I have, second,  longer walk on the beach. That won't be very hard as it is really something I love!
Especially now with Little Lexi, Norfolk Terrier or Maltipoo puppy (Not sure and it doesn't really mather to me anyway) I got us for Christmas. Best present ever. She is as adorable as she looks!

Lexi and I at the beach in Mersin Turkey
Lexi and I at the beach here in Davultep, Mersin, Turkey

Lexi 2 month old Norfolk Terrier or Maltipoo
Lexi, 2 months old.
Lexi, 3 months old.

Well last but not least, blogging. YES.. oh my I haven't posted anything for months!! I know I know LOL.... but trust me, here I am again. Soon posting about the newest fashion trends!

It's a good day to have a good day!


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