Fashion Finds - Spring Outfit With A Touch Of Flower

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another lovely outfit

Black, Red, Gold and Floral

I love this pretty black dress, combined it with some red and gold and a touch of floral. So feminine don't you think? Romantic too. So many possibilities with it, I will for sure style it some more.

This outfit makes me happy!   Swirly, scalloped, round with a touch of flowers.
Let the sun shine! Here I come...... going on another date with my man I think. I am sure he'll love to see me in this. And because I won't be wearing heels (as I so often do) we'll be able to walk and then later go sit on a nice terrace and have a meal and/or drink. What I love so much about this outfit as well is that it can easily be worn during the day and the evening.  So, really perfect for what I have I mind.

Black, Red, Gold and Floral outfit by Pascale De Groof for She Wanders She finds

Black, Red, Gold and Floral

... and thinking of doing my nails this way! Simple and pretty.



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