The Greek Island of Kastellorizo

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Daytrip to Greek Island

Greek Island Kastellorizo, also called Meis and Megisti

As told you  here, I had to exit Turkey so I get back in and fix my overstayed residence visa (ikamet). We were living in Mersin at that time and decided that the Greek Island Kastellorizo was the easiest way out. For that we (my daughter Selin made the trip to Antalya with me) had to travel to Kas, Antalya and from there take a ferry boat to Kastellorizo island, called Meis ada in Turkish and it's Greek name is Megisti.

 Club Çapa Hotel in Kaş Turkey - Kaş harbor - Lighthouse Kaş
Breakfast at the Club Çapa Hotel in Kaş - Leaving the Kaş harbor - Lighthouse Kaş

So that day, after a good and yummy breakfast at our hotel in Kaş, I went on my way to the agency I booked my Ferry ticket from and then to the harbor,,,, and off we go. Yay!

Greek Island Kastellorizo, also called Meis and Megisti
With the ferryboat to Kastellorizo, almost there!

I had a lovely day for sure, although I didn't go see all there is to see. That will be happening some time soon! It was a very hot day and after visiting the blue cave and the beach, I walked around to take photos, then decided to sit down by the water with a glass (or two) of delicious white wine. (See more of Kastellorizo in a slide below.)

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Cathedral of St. Constantine and St. Helen
The castle of the order of St. John 
Stone-hewed Lycean tomb
Monastery of Saint George
Ro islet
Blue Cave

You will hear more from me about this magical island!

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