We moved (again) - From Mersin to Kas

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello from Kaş / Antalya

 ~ a new adventure for us ~

We came here twice on a short vacation this Summer and "third time good time" as they say, We moved here! YAY!

Club Çapa Hotel

Infinite pool at the Club Çapa Hotel in Kaş, Antalya, Turkey

Beautiful Kaş in AntayaTurkey
Beautiful Kaş -  Derya Beach, Beautiful door with hand-painted cherry-tree blossoms on it in the city center,  "The street"-  traditional houses, Kaputaş Beach, wonderful place to rest and have a "nargile" (shisha),  Lighthouse at the harbor,  a little old house in the city center that I love.
(My own photos)

As I said "picturesque" right?

~ beautiful Kaş ~

Kaş (pronounced 'Kash') is a small fishing, diving, yachting and tourist town, and a district of Antalya Province of Turkey, 168 km west of the city of Antalya.
The name Kaş translates as ‘curved’ or eyebrow because it is situated in a sweeping curved bay.

Kaş Antalya - She Wanders She Finds
Kaş seen from up the mountains. City center (left), the new marina and the half island (middle) and the Greek island of Kastellorizo (back) .
(image from Wikipedia)

"I will tell you more about all the things to visit and do here in later post."

 ~ so how did that happen? ~

I had overstayed my Ikamet (residence visa), yeah I know that wasn't very smart of me, so I had to leave the country to re-enter so I could apply for a new one.  I decided to take my daughter Selin and go to Kaş Antalya and do the boat-trip to a little Greek island called Kastellorizo (Meis ada in Turkish)Both places are so picturesque, it was love at first sight!!... and so now here we are! 

I just thought, Pascale, you only live once so if that is where you want to be, well go for it!

 blogpost about our move here and the surprises we encountered coming soon!

~ where we stayed ~

We stayed at the Club Çapa Hotel, which we had booked online and I am sure that we couldn't have done any better. It was all we had wished for. Charming. peaceful, relaxing, ....

Club Çapa Hotel in Kas Antalya Turkey
Club Çapa Hotel, Antalya, Kaş, Çukurbağ Yarımadası
Wonderful hotel in a great location, beautifully decorated, absolutely love the white-wash of most everything because it has a very calming and relaxing effect. Friendly staff, healthy delicious food choices.
(My own photos)

Selin in Kas Antalya - Turkey
My daugter Selin in Kaş Antalya

Say YES to adventure

I do, I dooo!

Relaxing in Kas Antalya
This is me - Life is good!
I hope you are enjoying your Summer too!

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